Our History

Pottstown's Beginnings
In 1714, Pottstown's first iron forge was constructed on a local land plot once owned by state founder William Penn, laying the groundwork for a regional iron and steel industry that eventually played a large role in connecting all of America.

Pottstown's Industrial Expansion
By mid-century, the burgeoning industry drew aspiring metalworkers from across Appalachia, including ironmaster John Potts, who in 1752, purchased 1,000 acres of land near Manatawny Creek to establish a family forge and homestead.
Pottstown's Historic Mill
Before century's end, Potts had founded his namesake town and built America's oldest flour refinery, the Pottstown Roller Mill, whose product fed George Washington's Continental Army throughout the Revolutionary War.
Building America's Landmarks
A local steel furnace was soon added, cast and wrought ironwork projects increased, and by the mid-1800s, Pottstown steel was being used to build the bridges and railroads that united our nation, including eventually, the Panama Canal and the Golden Gate Bridge.
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