Crazy Town: The Butterfly 25th Anniversary Tour – LIVE at Rivet!


Saturday, November 23rd


6:30 PM

About this event

Crazy Town is bringing their The Butterfly: 25th Anniversary Tour to Rivet: Canteen & Assembly on Saturday, November 23rd. Don’t miss your chance to hear their timeless nu-metal and rap rock hits performed live!

Join us for this special concert experience and get your tickets now!

Event Details & Tickets

🕰️ Doors: 6:30 PM.
🎟️ Tickets: $20 in advance / $28 at the door.
⚙️ This show is 21+ ONLY!

About The Band

Crazy Town was formed by Los Angeles based producers, vocalists and songwriters Bret Mazur (aka “Epic”) and Seth Binzer (aka “Shifty Shellshock”), who began their collaboration in 1995. Mazur and Binzer’s musical heritage stems from their family roots. Mazur’s father managed Billy Joel while Binzer’s father was an artist and filmmaker who directed the Rolling Stones’ live movie “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones”. While initially known as the Brimstone Sluggers, Mazur and Binzer’s collaboration in Crazy Town yielded the group a number one hit in 2001, when “Butterfly” (an ode to attractive women) topped the Billboard 100 and helped push the band’s debut effort, The Gift of Game, to platinum status.

Crazy Town combined hip-hop’s lyrical attitude with the muscle of live rock instrumentation, with DJ A.M. on turntables. The group’s influences were rooted in classic rap-rock mash-ups like Run D.M.C.’s “Rock Box” and the Public Enemy/Anthrax collaboration “Bring Tha Noize”. As a group, Crazy Town has released two studio albums. The Gift of Game, produced by Josh Abraham and featuring appearances by KRS-One, dancehall toastmaster Mad Lion, and Dirty Unit, was released in 1999 and includes the singles “Butterfly” and “Darkside”. Darkhorse, produced by Howard Benson, was released in 2002 and includes the singles “Drowning” and “Hurt You So Bad”. Binzer also enjoyed solo success with his Paul Oakenfold collaboration “Starry Eyed Surprise”, which charted throughout the world.

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